Experience has taught us that the enhancement of our heritage comes through made-to-measure and individualised solutions. Understanding the works of art, the museum space and the end users are the basis of our proposals for exhibition installation and development. Our multimedia projects aim to increase the visitors interest and emotions while minimising the visibility of the technical apparatus. Our strengths come from the unostentatious use of the very latest technology and directors, actors, musicians, designers and historians of the highest professional level.

Modus Operandi Touch

Multimedial multilingual touchscreen that allows the visitor to explore any type of subject using simple and intuitive tools. This application is supplied  entirely customised   based on the requirements and content specified by the Client.

3D Object Explorer: three dimensional model viewed through 360° in any direction
3D Space Explorer: navigating inside a three dimensional model with the possibility of moving in any direction
3D Layers: possibility of activating or deactivating portions of a three dimensional model such as, for example, architectural elements of different eras or textures  obtained from different types of imaging (e.g. visible, raking, UV, radiographic…)
3D Labels: labels placed on specific points of three dimensional models to give fuller information
3D Light: an interactive orientation tool controlling the direction of the light illuminating a three dimensional model
HD Explorer: a tool for inspecting high definition images.  It is also possible to inspect images that are superimposed on top of each other simply by activating or dis-activating the “layer” button. For measurable images (orthophotos) a “ruler” can be used to measure any of the details.
Slideshow: sequences of images or films with captions as required
Records for artists/items accompanied by images and any additional information

3D Mirror

A special mirror for augmented reality: real and virtual reflections mix together; the visitor finds himself immersed in a space filled with real and virtual objects without having to wear any special equipment such as headsets or glasses. 

Immersive multi-sensory experiences

Three dimensional projections that surround the visitor in a full immersion experience with a strong emotional impact. We are expert in installations planned for museum spaces where it is necessary to find the right balance between the the spectacle of the projection and an unobstructed view of the exhibited work

Themed films – Post restoration events

Reusing images and 3D models – often made to assist the restoration process – immediately and clearly show the work that has been done during restoration. A film is always intended for more than one purpose, it’s  “premier” may be on the occasion of an inauguration event with the possibility of including special effects. 

Hologram projections

We create evocative scenes where contemporary and historic personalities appear as if they were physically present in front of the public. This technique can be integrated with both the 3D Mirror and the Immersive Spaces.

APP EmozionArti

An Application for smartphone and tablets designed specifically for museums and intended to heighten the emotional experience of the visit through “words” and “sounds” to accompany the viewing of the collection. Extracts of prose and poems selected from classic and contemporary literature, together with pieces of music selected or created ad hoc, magnify the subjects of the pieces, often suggesting the highest and universal meanings.

Original Application customised by Culturanuova:  MMG Museum di Inera s.r.l.

Web Sites

We plan and build Internet sites for the cultural heritage sector.

Guggenheim Collection – Venezia

Marcel Duchamp e la seduzione della copia

Spazio multimediale dedicato alle indagini e al restauro 

Brescia State Archives

Progetto e realizzazione del nuovo allestimento multimediale per la sala espositiva

Casa Buonarroti – Firenze

Mostra Artemisia nel Museo di Michelangelo

Progetto e realizzazione dell’allestimento

The three Pietàs of Michelangelo

The three Pietà by Michelangelo, in the form of three precious historical casts, have been brought together in a spectacular and exciting exhibition created by Culturanuova in the majestic Sala delle Cariatidi of Palazzo Reale

Leonardo svelato

Immersive multi-sensory experience carried out as part of Leonardo 500 programme. Sforza castle, Milan

Black on white. Stories of Leonardo from the Archives

Immersive multimedia production carried out as part of Leonardo 500 programme. Milan State Archive

The 3D reconstruction of the wunderkammer of the Museo Calzolari

An evocative space where
the objects on display are part of a sort of theatrical setting suspended between the real and
the virtual


For the Orodautore Museum in Arezzo, Culturanuova has overseen the creation of two multimedia
products that fit into the new layout inaugurated in June 2022

Gli Spazi del pensiero

Hologram show within the virtual exhibition at native house of Piero della Francesca, Sansepolcro

Polittico di San Giovanni in val d’Afra by Matteo di Giovanni

After restiroation opening event. Museo Civico di Sansepolcro

Le età dell’oro

Immersive, multi-sensory experience: exhibition of jewels inpired by Piero della Francesca artoworks. Fondazione Ivan Bruschi, Arezzo

Resurrection – Piero della Francesca

After restiroation opening event. Museo Civico di Sansepolcro

Gli Spazi del pensiero

Immersive multi-sensorial experience within the virtual exhibition at native house of Piero della Francesca, Sansepolcro

La Grande Sala Alberata di Leonardo

3D projections and hologram show during Expo 2015 – Sforza castle, Milan

La Battaglia svelata. Nella storia e nel disegno di Leonardo da Vinci

Museo della Battaglia di Anghiari

A new perspective

Themed film about Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca. Musei civici della Madonna del Parto, Monterchi

Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari

Opening after restoration, Basilica di Santa Croce – Florence. Film and Modus Operandi touch.

Polittico della Misericordia by Piero della Francesca

Modus Operandi Touch, Museo Civico di Sansepolcro

Galileo Galilei

Hologram projection. Museo dei mezzi di comunicazione di Arezzo

Rendering Cappella Castellani

Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence

La camera degli Sposi by Andrea Mantegna

Immersive, multi-sensory experience. Castello di San Giorgio di Mantova

Il primato dei toscani nelle Vite di Vasari

Guided tour with Giorgio Vasari hologram and original soundtracks. Arezzo

The podesteria of Caprese and the Government of Florence

Immersive, multi-sensory experience. Caprese Michelangelo

Gli Spazi del pensiero

3D mirror within the virtual exhibition at native house of Piero della Francesca, Sansepolcro

Experience room

Correggio ArtHome at nativa house of Antonio Allegri Correggio

Basilica di santa Croce, Florence

Modus Operandi Touch

Polittico di Badia by Giotto

Modus Operandi Touch. Uffizi, Florence

Premio Campiello

Multimedia production, stage design and holograms to present the five finalists of the Campiello literary prize. Sala della Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Venice