Milan, Palazzo Reale: “The three Pietàs of Michelangelo – Three historical casts for the Sala delle
Cariatidi” (22 October ’22 – 8 January ’23).
The three Pietà by Michelangelo, in the form of three precious historical casts, have been brought
together in a spectacular and exciting exhibition created by Culturanuova in the majestic Sala
delle Cariatidi of Palazzo Reale.
Three “shrouds” suspended at a height of ten metres form the backdrop to the three Pietà,
amplify their strong aesthetic value and relate them to the size and dramatic character of the
The physical scenery is integrated with the multimedia elements in a sort of theatrical
representation in which the protagonists are Michelangelo’s three masterpieces and the story is
made up of lights, video projections and sounds synchronised with each other in a crescendo of

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